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    The eLearning Café is a learning support website that will help you develop skills, strategies, and behaviours that promote academic success. Regardless of where you are in your academic career, the eLearning Café can help you be a better student and get the grades you want.
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  • eLearning

    An effective online learner possesses a number of important skills. The material in the eLearning section of the website will provide tips and strategies to help you thrive as an online learner.
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  • Study Skills

    This section of the eLearning Café will help you discover who you are as a learner as well as the basic study skills and strategies that can make you a more effective student.
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  • Writing & Research

    Use the information found in the Writing and Research section of the eLearning Café to help you learn how to write a paper.
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  • Math & Science

    This section includes links to other general resources such as videos and other activities created to help you succeed in your specific program or course areas.
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